About ZTZ Services

Over 40 years of experience in heavy-duty equipment

We have acquired a leading position in a range of servicing activities for heavy-earthmoving and mining equipment. ZTZ Services is the central point of contact for maintenance, assembly, repair, overhaul, painting and cleaning earthmoving and mining equipment, as well as disassembling machines for container transport. We have a professional team of mechanics: ZTZ Services is a proffesional organisation which will take care of all your needs.

ZTZ Services can release you of all the worry associated with: Maintenance, Cleaning, Assembly and Disassembly of equipment. 

ZTZ services provides extra services

  • PDI (pre-delivery-inspection) is also one of our services
  • Machine configurations
  • Containerization
  • Painting and Storage.

In addition to the main activities, we can also handle the installation of lubrication systems and GPS system. ZTZ Services has a bonded warehouse where equipment can be stored without having to clear customs.